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    Well, mythic have clustered ALL the standard servers together and are now moving all the euro players into the huge US shard too, the game finally has the population on one server that it should have had all along

    That said, anyone wanting to come back and give it a spin, make yourself a trial account and PM me the details and what times you won't play it and I will get your first toon to 24 (for the first major battleground) in a day or so (offering this to all old kay players, mid/hib/alb alike) and a guild invite into KoN on the uber shard.

    If you are happy with your old account and want to come back, give me a hoi in game, steam or skype and I can hook you up with a mid guild invite.

    Despite all the PvP mmog out there, this is the best still for fantasy fighting and especially siege.