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Beta-Test01 report for KoC

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  • Beta-Test01 report for KoC

    Hey everyone. I thought I would write up a quick little diddy on KoC and all. I have a pre-pre-Beta-Test report thing for you guys, and I hope you don't take any of it the wrong way, it's all constructive critisism to make the game/module better in the end.

    Firstly, I'd like to say that I've spent plenty, and I do mean PLENTY of time on MUDs, and other persistant worlds, and I know a few things that need to be in place in order to have something work. I talked over 90% of the major issues with Dem, and he seems to have them all figured out for you guys.

    These are the following things I've noticed while in your world:
    (And remeber, these things are all in good taste, and the sole opinion of me.)

    1.) I love the fact that everyone starts in that "starting inn" especially since you can go to two different worlds from there.

    2.) The merchants in the starting inn, however, seem to be too freely placed, and too close together. My reasoning for this is... Why would a weaponsmith/blacksmith be standing next to another weaponsmith trying to peddle his wares in the middle of a big room? And a mage shopkeeper? He'd never be seen with the likes of them.
    The idea is extremely good, having all shopkeepers in one "central place" - but perhaps make it inside the town in a form of "Bazaar" or some other marketplace. Also, maybe tone down some of the items just slightly. As far as I can remember +5 items are ancient/godly :-P

    3.) I love Silvantvile. When I first roamed around, I thought "Wow, this is a really good looking town." There is a lot of potential for plenty of quests, finds, tutorials, name it. The only real complaint I have about Silvantvile is that it's REALLY big, and takes forever to load. But I have patience.

    4.) I only explored a small percentage of the world, due to a small issue that will most likely be #5, but what I did explore was very nicely built and I loved the "auto-transition" thingo. How you can just run into a gray area and it makes you zone. I love that. There were a lot of times I was looking at stuff, and it seemed very...plain at the moment. We could definately use someone designated to intentionally add to details.

    5.) The forest was great. Rast - I never got a chance to check out your crypt because of a few of the issues with this forest.
    When I first connected, Dem showed me a little spot to XP. There were a few skeletons, you kill them, they respawn, you kill them, they respawn, etc etc. I made a wizard, and it took me approx 45 minutes to get to level 10, because I just waited for them...fireball...gain 3000xp, repeat. I think maybe we might have to impliment some code to have monsters... in a sense "turn green" or only give 5-10xp or something. So that players have to actually work to level, and not just stand there and fireball the skeleton spawn.
    Finally, the abundance of skeletons proved to...well in a sense "make a mess" after I would fireball the 20 skeletons, more would spawn, and die, and spawn, and die... before long there were about 500000 skeleton fingers collected on the ground. I was in the process of picking up my litter, when the skeletons kept spawning. Perhaps we might need to work on the timing of the spawns, as well.

    6.) The basic concept, idea, and design of this persistant would definately has potential. Assuming it ever comes alive, it would be rather fantastic to see 15-20 people playing at a time, in a "MUD" like atmosphere. I know that you guys are still in pre-pre-design phase, but I thought I would share with you my recent findings.

    Other than that it's a great module, and I really love the concept. I've been talking to Dem about some of the other points, and I really like it. Again, when I get some time and learn the tutorial area, I might go ahead and help design one too, good job everyone that's worked on KoC!

    There was ONE last thing I forgot to mention, and Dem already mentioned it to me as being a server bug type thing, but every time I seem to log on. I can play for about 10-15 mins, and then all of a sudden I start getting HELLISH lag, like the worst I've ever gotten. I would be sitting and sitting, and then eventually it locks and says that the server timed out.

    Hopefully something that BioWare will look into fixing.

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    We spoke in length in ICQ already about things you covered here, but I wanna thank ya again for taking the time and the effort to take notice of the things that you did see mate.

    2) Aye, this was created, not from a roleplaying pov, but more of a pratical view, just so you wouldnt have to zone into different shops.
    But point taken, I have some idea's in how to improve on this

    3) Silvantvile was bigger and took longer to load. But i did some trimming and I agree, it still takes to long to load.
    It was originally the first zone I ever made. So i sought of went overboard point was, i wanted to make it feel like a rural area and just not a small zone. But the engine let me down here, so I will have to make it smaller again.

    5) This repeat spawning while someone is the area is a worrying trend, even if you dont kill the mobs.
    I thought I had that all under control, but it has pop'd up again
    I think I cant just edit copy mobs.. I have to create new ones.

    XP issue has never been looked at, like I said in ICQ. I'll try some new XP scripts I have

    The HELLISH lag, this is a show stopper. I am very disappointed in this.
    You can play fine for like 30 mins and then it creeps in.
    Some things have been brought up.

    Maybe it's the onHeartbeat scripts used by UO spawner. But Dem believes he has discounted this.

    Items on the ground not disappearing. I believe we have tried just sitting in the inn and it comes, so dont know if it's that.

    Mass spawning of mobs somewhere was another idea, but hard to test.

    Memory leak, tho Dem says the server has plenty of physical Ram and that it doesnt consume that much. Its the CPU that is going for broke.

    The sad thing is, Bioware will not be supporting persistent world builders. Which is a real real shame, to make a game that is so open ended and flexible. There is so much potential here and I can see it going to waste.
    How many MUD's would be convertered over, NWN's could be the death of the MUD we know of. They are shooting themselves in the foot here.

    So atm, it's on hold until this CPU issue is resolved, but it aint over yet


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      Yeah, you guys did a stellar job on everything, and I imagine it will be pretty fun too when it gets off the ground.

      That's also something I suppose I forgot to think about when the XP thing came to mind. I died about 20 times trying to get high enough level to use fireball to be able to destroy the 50000 skeletons.

      Maybe in a party atmosphere, the amount of XP per kill will be less staggering.

      As for the lag issues, I'm sure you guys will pinpoint it. When you do, it will get fixed, I hope.

      Just think of a regular module. You could technically have a persistant world of chapter 1 module running on your machine at the same time. Does it get a memory leak? Does it crash then? If not, then I would imagine it's "something" wrong with the persistant part of the world

      Wow, I just re-read that, and it sounds pretty bad!