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Hmm, what's happened?

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  • Hmm, what's happened?

    What's arp?

    Peoples went stagnant here, I want to know what everyone is doing on a day-to-day basis.

    Because I miss your elite cyb0rz :-/


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    some people playing UO, me playing AC others doing other stuff.. no /cyb0rz here


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      I've gone back to EQ. Still playing a bit of DAoC and messin with NWN
      Chandria, Woodelf Nightblade (Elder Scrolls Online)
      Outrider of the Illuminati (Secret World Legends)
      Zekhan, Human Minstrel <Arkenstone Server> (The Lord of the Rings Online)


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        i've tried being social for the last couple of months and its seriously sucking ass..


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          I've had some work on so I'm not doing much playing. Logging into UO long enough to gain some dex points, there are still a few things I want to do in that game yet. I'm working through the NWN single player campaign when I get a chance, plus I'm checking through a heap modules to find some good ones for multiplayer.


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            I've finished NWN single player campaign pretty bored of it actually will probably uninstall it soon, Morrowind I'm bored with and will also uninstall soonish.

            ATM I'm playing UO with my Master Warrior, focusing on getting his smithing skill up which is about 60. So lots of mining for me it appears to be taking about 1400 ingots to raise 6 points.

            I also started a Archer/Bowyer (Fluffy) who is still in the fifties.
            I might train him right up and go PVP with him, seems like archery is still fairly powerful and would be nasty in PVP encounters


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              Vediem keep ure sock on fer NWN I'm about to release pool of radiance and its got like 20-40 hours gameplay so sit tight and you'll get another campain to play =)