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  • Bioware == Microsoft

    Microsoft is in the process of acquiring acclaimed Canadian developer BioWare, according to internal sources operating at the highest levels. Compelling evidence has been brought to our attention which suggests that the deal was almost certainly in place before last Christmas, and current chatter points to the acquisition being announced towards E3.
    While Miscrosoft isn't my favourite company, they have produced (or bought) gems such as Flight Sim, Age of Empires, Dungeon Seige, Asherons Call, Freelancer, etc, etc. I've found ALL of their games to play very smoothly with little fuss. I hope they can capture the magic of the Forgotten Realms series and bring something new out.

    There is an expansion due for NWN soon, plus a new version in the works. NWN broke some new ground, so hopefully Microsoft can push that along some more.

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    Forgotten Realms MMO, that would own


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      aye aye! Even if they just bring out Baldurs Gate 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 .... I'd be happy. Bioware made a mistake splitting with Black Isle - now I wonder if it was over this. The Infinity Engine used for BG, Torment and IWD was very cool. Neverwinter Nights didn't quite capture the same feeling of immersion. IMHO I think part of the problem is the single-player mode. With the 6 character party of BG, etc, a player could do heaps of things and the encounters became interesting. With the one character plus henchman, there's not enough scope for variety. For the people who don't roleplay the game has become more of a hack and slash than anything else.

      BTW, I still play NWN from time to time. Been checking out different modules and still haven't finished the main story yet