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  • STO Guild demotions

    To protect the guild bank from haxxor accounts I've demoted most members to inactive. If you're going to play STO again give me a yell and I'll set you back to a member level.

    I've been logging into STO every now and then to play with the Duty Officer system. I've actually gone from level 50 to 52 without leaving the space dock, lol.

    I wouldn't mind playing some of the group content but the "community" is one of the most toxic and nasty I've ever come across. I joined a pug, said "Im fairly new to grouping and I've never done this".... bang, kicked. After a few more tries with exactly the same result I just stopped trying

    Anyway, they have/had a special on lifetime membership for US $199. I realise nobody is really interested but I thought it worth a mention in case there were any working mothers double-dipping and rorting Tony Abbotts parental leave scheme, or maybe you've booked a few helicopter flights recently and got some good kickbacks from it.

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    Re: STO Guild demotions

    Wow... good to know the lifetime is available again. I think I did that anyway, I should take a look again sometime. Maybe it can be the Tuesday downtime game lol

    Re: Bronwyn Bishop... :

    - Feysteel reverent boots now correctly equip on your feet, not your head.


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      Re: STO Guild demotions

      I still have a toon in AN in STO (my sci lvl 50), haven't bothered to get him to 60 yet. I still play STO (as my 60 Romulan, Sun Tzu) occasionally, usually to do the latest released missions etc.

      The Rommy belongs to a different guild (gasp!) who don't care if u log in a lot or only once every couple of years, I belong to it because they are max guild level and have reached the key Fleet levels in development to let you get anything extra you need (high end stuff) and cause they aren't dicks when I talk with some of them, they are mostly lifers like me who pop in and out sporadically.

      As for PUGs, it's mostly the Elite level missions that you get the nutjob screamers in, they will drop anyone who doesn't cut it DPS wise and god forbid admit ignorance, the Advanced and Normal level Fleet mission PUGs are usually a bit more relaxed although there are nutjobs everyone some nites. There are certain ship builds you can take that let you hold your own in those Elite missions but it takes the fun out of it (CookieCutter DPS-clone #432 here we come).

      If I see you online I will send you a tell Jeh, PUGs go a lot better when you know at least one other person on the team - although with me you just never know when the cloaked Romulan battle-carrier from hell will just sit there invisible and watch you burn in space
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        Re: STO Guild demotions

        I logged in a few weeks ago, saw all the buttons and logged out. I must be getting old